Heritage uses nickel plated, rust resistant buckles and snaps, starred and/or rolled rivets for additional strength at stress points and extra strong nylon thread. We have state of the art die cutters, pre-formed pocket molding and heat controlled stamping machines to insure you have only the finest product available. Inspection begins with receipt of the raw materials and continues as the product is manufactured and packed for shipment. Our consistent, unsurpassed quality sets the standard of excellence in our industry.

Top Grain Moccasin – Our premium top grade leather. Strong and tough for prolonged life but soft and supple for comfort. Excellent tensile strength and abrasion resistant. Uniform 4 ½ to 5 oz. thickness assures unprecedented quality.

Split (Suede) Leather – Brushed suede on both sides for physical comfort and flexibility. This rugged cowhide is durable and long lasting on the job site or at home. Uniform 4 to 4 ½ oz. thickness.

Saddle Leather – Natural tanned that is sturdy and stiff. Ideal for molding to create and ensure a specific shape over years of use. Fine grain structure resists tearing and punctures. Uniform 6 to 9 oz. thickness depending on product design.

Semi-soft Buffed Top Grain – Semi-soft buffed material that is both pliable and strong in a handsome light color. This unique and distinguished characteristic addresses the needs of all tradesmen. Uniform 6 to 7oz. thickness.

Canvas – All canvas aprons and bags are produced from 100% natural cotton duck, blue duck, or quality blends of polyester and cotton. Weight ranges from 8 to 24 ozs. depending on the product.